Scientific Program

Scientific Program

The final version of the scientific program is available on the link – IWHT2019 Scientific program.

The electronic version of the Book of Abstracts is available.

Instructions for Speakers and Session Chairs

Poster guideline:

  • - Working area for poster presentation is 800 (width) x 900 (hight) mm. The IWHT2019 Organizing Committee recommends doesn’t exceed the specified size for the poster.

  • - Posters can be mounted before the corresponding Poster Session and should be removed after finishing of the corresponding Session.

  • - For clarity, use lots of diagrams, lots of color, and not many words. Use phrases and short sentences in "bullet points".

  • - The rules for the preparation of good slides apply equally to the preparation of good posters: keep them simple, avoid overcrowding and excessive information, use large lettering and thick lines, "one picture is worth a thousand words".

  • - Equipment for mounting of the posters will be provided.

  • - Each board will be labeled with ID number corresponding to the number of your poster as per the program.

for Speakers:

  • - Each session room is equipped with a computer. The using of your personal laptop is impossible.

  • - Speakers should arrive early to their session and introduce themselves to the session chair.

  • - Plenary lectures are 30-33 minutes with 5-7 additional minutes for discussion, and then 2 minutes for change-over to the next lecture.

  • - Keynote lecture is 25 minutes. Speakers have up to 18-20 minutes for their talk. This is followed by a 5-7-minute question and answer period, and then 1 minute for change-over to the next talk.

  • - Total time for oral presentation is 15 minutes. Speakers have 11-12 minutes for their talk. This is followed by a 3-2-minute question and answer period, and then 1 minute for change-over to the next talk.

  • - To ensure that the parallel sessions are coordinated, speakers must complete their talks within the allotted time.

  • - Due to the short period of change-over, please ensure. Arrive before the session starts, and copy your presentation file on to the computer. Support will be available in the presentation room. Microsoft Power Point is the possible presentation software. Please ensure that animations and equations in the presentation are compatible. Presentations can be tested in the session room during Speaker Ready Hours (coffee & lunch breaks).

for Session Chairs:

  • - Chairs should arrive early to their respective sessions, locate the speakers and explain the timing.

  • - Chairs are responsible for introducing the speakers, administering the question and answer period after each talk, and ensuring that the session proceeds on time.

  • - If a speaker fails to appear of if a presentation has been withdrawn, the chair should suspend the session until the next scheduled presentation.

  • - There will be support in each of the presentation rooms to assist you.